Behind the curtain.

What is White Rabbit if not the unexpected solution that leaps out of the little black cylinder you've had on your desk for a long time? Or maybe it's that cute little guide animal showing you the way in a world where you feel momentarily lost.

Whichever way you want to interpret the white rabbit, we are the communication expert with more than twenty years of experience in branding, digital marketing, web development, and corporate communication who listens and understands your brand objectives and surprises with on-spot and WOW solutions.

Strategy and Creative Director.

Alberto Maccari is White Rabbit's founder and a seasoned creative director with experience in advertising, publishing and video content creation. He studied art, then worked in international advertising agencies such as TBWA, Havas, J. Walter Thompson all around Europe. He has an in-depth knowledge of holistic communication and brand identity. In Belgium he consulted for the digital design teams at Proximus and led the creative department at the Isobar Dentsu Aegis group.

Fell in love with Europe.

In 1994, in the creative turmoil of my last year of the experimental art school - the only one at the time that taught graphic design on a computer - I was selected to participate in the first European Youth Week.

A trip that changed my worldview forever, giving me a sense of community and hope for the future, with a clear image of the relevance of the European Union.
Two weeks of debates, seminars, and workshops under the slogan: ALL DIFFERENT, ALL EQUAL.

A few days were like years for me, so much so that I discovered new ideas, friends and dreams. That experience disrupted my approach to communicating with others and erased the clichés and cultural prejudices we sometimes assign to those we don't know. The event ended with the participation at the parliament in Strasbourg in the drafting of the act against racism in schools.

I returned to Italy where, a few days later, I was interviewed by one of the teenage afternoon TV programmes. I was asked what racism was. "It is just ignorance" was my answer.

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