To celebrate FERMA | Federation of European Risk Management Association's 50th anniversary, we've crafted a captivating video manifesto with seamless creative transitions. This "one-take" interview not only highlights the continuity of their mission but also introduces their new agenda in a clear and straightforward way.

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FERMA has released its EU Policy Manifesto, "Making Europe risk-ready for a brighter future," which presents its priorities for policymakers in the EU Institutions for the next institutional mandate (2024-2029). The manifesto details four pillars that FERMA believes EU leaders must address to bolster the overall resilience of the European Union:

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  1. Simplifying the regulatory maze to keep European companies competitive
  2. Supporting the transition to net-zero by taking a risk management approach
  3. Building a more cyber secure and resilient EU
  4. Bolstering the EU’s preparedness and response capabilities for future crises

Watch the video to learn more about FERMA's vision for a resilient Europe!

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