The Juggle is not just a club where you can play padel. it's space. Physical and virtual at the same time.
It is space for creativity and movement.
Free space for the imagination.
It is SMART and ART. Online and out of the line.
it's sport but also work.

Think out of the court!

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It doesn't matter if you're a padel champion or just curious, if you're the CEO of a multinational company or someone starting from scratch, what matters is to put yourself out there. In life and in sport.

Sport is a sifestyle!

Since its launch in 18 Italian cities, White Rabbit has been following The Juggle project, providing creative support for the creation of content for digital communication, as well as the development of the visual identity. This has seen the agency involved in customising the venues, designing furniture, signs, and all the graphic elements of the sports centre through to the menus for The J Café.

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As Brand Guardian, White Rabbit has also supported all the co-marketing activities that this young and dynamic brand has undertaken in its first months of life, such as the branding of the CAKE motorbike, the first electric enduro, the creation of a line of clothing for sportsmen and women, and one for staff made by the Italian sportswear brand Kappa.

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And it doesn't end there, White Rabbit provides creative support on all touchpoints requested by the customer, and also in the design of products such as the padel racket and The J water, there will be nice surprises soon.

Life as playground!

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