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Philea - Philanthropic Leadership Platform

We have been requested to design a visual identity for the Philanthropic Leadership Platform that aligns with the Philea brand and conveys the mission of creating connections with alumni from different countries.

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We utilised the concept of a chain as an element of transmission, solidity, and connections. Building on the existing Philea symbol, we transformed it into the chain ring of the new logo.

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Design Concept

Our design concept emphasises the interconnectedness and continuity of the Philea brand while highlighting the unique identity of the PLP. The chain ring of the logo represents the bond that connects the alumni community, while also symbolising the transmission of knowledge and skills from one generation to the next.

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To illustrate the transformation from the Philea brand to the PLP sub-brand, we created an animation that showcases the evolution of the logo from the Philea symbol to the chain ring of the PLP logo. This animation captures the conceptual transformation of the brand while emphasising the continuity between the two identities.

Alumni Video interviews

To increase the program's visibility, we reached out to alumni and representatives located in Europe and China to obtain their recent experiences. Using raw footage filmed by the students, we edited the content while adhering to the new brand identity to ensure visual consistency and convey their shared experience effectively.

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