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FERMA New Branding

Don't just throw a "logo request" at us, because a logo isn't a mere emblem for your website. It's the expressive face and personality you present to your audience.

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So, when Ferma approached us for a facelift to their visual identity, we didn't dive straight into graphic wizardry. Nope, we kicked off with a series of workshops that dissected the brand's strengths and weaknesses. Then, in a dazzling display of collaboration, White Rabbit hopped down the rabbit hole with the entire team, even the bigwigs on the board. We brainstormed from defining keywords to crafting the new symbol.


In these years, FERMA gained recognition among Risk managers and European Institutions as the voice of the risk managers sector. To tackle the lack of awareness highlighted during the workshop, we suggest not changing the association's naming but instead focusing on communicating our mission and value via an evocative and distinctive statement (claim) and a unique and engaging design (logo).

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The workshop highlighted that the impact FERMA has on the field comes from the fact the they are in the center of everything; Sharing informations from Europe to the risk manager community, bringing up the reality of the field in the European conversations,… Impacting the future by being the trusted relay in the field but lacking the way to express the community builder potential FERMA has. 

Design Concept:

After identifying the crucial keywords and pillars that shape the brand's voice, our focus shifted to uncovering distinct and unmistakable elements to serve as the building blocks for the new logo. Elements like the European flag, with its iconic stars, then we also embraced the idea of a platform seamlessly integrating with the spirit of sharing—individuals forming a network, dots transforming into pixels, and digitization weaving connections to symbolize the spread of knowledge. The elements together fortify the community, portraying a vision aimed towards the future and incorporating visual concepts like moving forward. That's the visual pairing with the claim! Anticipating the changes, Shaping the future."

And voilà, that's how the globe, the pixels, the network, and the dynamic rotation toward a common horizon seamlessly fused into the fresh symbol. 🌐✨

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