Our approach to brand identity is practical and pragmatic.
Even for small business the objectives are to develop a holistic approach and receive the tools to develop any future assets consistently.

The steps are easy to achieve when working in teams. That's why we set up since the beginning an introductionary workshop to bring to light the key information communication goals and priorities.

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The key to a good Brand Identity is a consistent tone of voice. A brand is more than just a logo, which is why we are committed to providing effective branding that requires equal parts of strategy and design.

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When the newly-established Beaumont & Co. company wanted to enter the financial advice market (Family Office), it wanted to give an image of care and prestige from the outset.

In fact, both incumbent and outgoing clients like a tailor-made service, and expect to speak not only to someone competent but also to someone who shares their vision now and in the future.

Of course, when talking about investments, it is good practice to do so lightly and elegantly.

That's why during our workshop, Guardian, Shapeshifter and Visionary were selected as the most popular keywords.

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So when we went to study a sign that was elegant, with perspective lines and that gave a sense of depth and multi-layeredness, with a solid shape to remind us of a safe but open to the future like a window, the distinctive sign of a beehive full of life and gold seemed to encapsulate all this.

The animation created later by our UX designer, using the same sign as a compass to navigate between the different services offered on the website, was the final step in conveying the dynamism and clarity of the brand.

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