Put your members in the spotlight by offering them the opportunity to showcase their company and how their work helps achieve the important societal goals that you, as an association, are advocating for.

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To do this, we leverage our copywriting team’s in-depth experience in advocacy, institutional and corporate communication to create a range of engaging, multi-platform content types, including editorials, video interviews, audiograms and podcasts recorded directly at your office.

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We called it Show & Tell and it’s a new service by our design and content experts.

It works like this:

  1. We talk to your members to learn what they’re doing to advance industry and societal goals
  2. We turn that information into a compelling story that can be shared as an article, video, podcast, social media campaign, etc.
  3. You use these stories to show decision-makers how your industry not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk

In other words, you’re showing what your association is doing by telling your members’ stories. You convey a more powerful message. Your members get the added benefit of additional exposure.

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We believe the best, most direct way to convey a message is by taking an aesthetic approach as this gets people's attention and makes a bigger impact on the policy issues that shape our world. We work with companies, industry associations, NGOs and non-profit organisations, combining our international expertise in digital marketing with creative craftsmanship, to boost innovative advocacy campaigns that people pay attention to.

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