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Interactive videos

How Brands, Associations and Political movements can bond with their audience using Interactive videos?

Interactive video adds an additional layer of content to your video and invites the audience to engage with hotspots and dynamic overlays.

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Proven benefits

Through this, interactive video transforms video into a two way conversation with the audience and presents a rewarding experience for both parties. By making your videos interactive, you show your audience you care about their experience, and gather data: meaningful insights and metrics in the process. 

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Why Move now from Conventional to Interactive Video?

Conventional video can be enormously powerful but it’s a one-way message: viewers have no other choice other than to sit back and watch. That doesn’t sit well with an ultra interactive, hyper ondemand, self-determined experience we find elsewhere in the modern digital world, and modern brands realise this. 

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Examples of applications range from:

• Commerce lookbooks M.A.C

• Style-pickers for Nike

• Staff orientation videos by McDonalds

• Choice-driven travel videos from Nat Geo

• Patient instruction videos for GSK

• Financial walkthroughs from Wall Street Journal

• Fundraising experiences for Unicef

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