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Design is a waste of time?

Indeed, design is a waste of time if not granted the requisite focus and investment. On the other hand, when elevated to the level it deserves, and executed with aplomb, it is an immensely powerful tool in the arsenal of any organisation engaged in advocacy and communications.

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Throughout my professional journey, I have frequently encountered the misconception that design is frivolous, centred mainly on beautifying documents within unrealistic timeframes and limited information. Design is often undervalued in terms of budget and time, with the mistaken belief that it is a simple task.

A universal way to communicate

I have a 3-year-old and a 9-year-old, one born in the UK and the other in Belgium. They are growing up in a multilingual environment with 3 languages.

When my husband and I were expecting, we spent a lot of time deciding which languages to speak (since there are 4 in total). However, once they were born, I realised early on that we could communicate regardless of the language we used, and they could understand even if they couldn't respond with words.

Babies communicate through gestures, sounds, facial expressions, movements, and the objects they see. For instance, when you put a bib on your baby, they know that food will be served shortly. We’re not all that different as we grow older.

Visual elements have universal appeal. In a matter of seconds, whether it's within an email, a report, a website or a video they can convey trust and benefit. They have the power to elicit emotion, create resonance, provide explanations, persuade, and motivate action. Visual content should therefore not be seen merely as a packaging, but as crucial support in delivering an intended message.

Time spent on design is time wisely invested

As when you write content, you should consider your audience when thinking about how your content will be presented. Keep your focus on the end goal. Think about what you want your audience to learn or understand from your content.

The results might vary; do you want to inform, educate, convince, move people to action, make noise…this is where design can have a huge influence. It will amplify your message no end.

Hence the importance of dedicating time and budget when planning for your next report, policy paper or website. You will be surprised to see how different the end result will be if you treat design as a strategic exercise.

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Navigate complexity through design

The realm of EU policy and politics is complex. From mitigating climate change to regulating finance or tech, much of what happens in Brussels remains technical. But many of the decision makers that ultimately determine direction of travel are not experts. Translating complexity is key to success. When I worked on climate, arguably the most vast and complex issue in Europe today, the one consistent key challenge was to communicate about mitigation measures in a way that was accessible yet credible. Design, often through data visualisation, was invariably a key component in delivering messages effectively.

CTA: Invest in making complexity appealing and accessible through design.

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Stand Out From The Crowd In the Next EU Mandate

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Investing time and effort in developing high quality content will not be enough. White Rabbit is committed to supporting you every step of the way by helping your organisation stand out through intentional design choices.

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